Nile Harris
this house is not a home

14–16 July 2023

In this house is not a home, Nile Harris (Performance AIRspace Resident 2022–23) stages and activates the "you niggas in trouble" manifesto (2020), a collaboratively created live Google document performing a metaphorical board meeting between himself and artist Trevor Bazile (b. Miami, FL, 1996–2021) that asked: will the revolution have 501c3 status? Now it’s two years later, and there’s blood on your hands, and the question is situated somewhere in bitter inheritance, Dimes Square, fugitive avatars, political theater, Tucker Carlson redacted texts, and the cleansing of money through artistic philanthropy. Or maybe it’s just about ironic simulation of liberal care when the worst is yet to come.

Enlivened by collaborators Crackhead Barney and Malcolm-x Betts, and featuring sonic composition by slowdanger and GENG PTP, Harris orchestrates an accelerating rant of fleeting testifications which unfurl around a sound responsive inflatable castle. this house is not a home is an ephemeral monument that grows and decomposes through the anonymous logic of the internet, ultimately blurring into oblivion, and haunted by the perverse question: what does it mean to be an American?


Image by Maria Baranova


About Nile Harris

Nile Harris is a performer and director of live works of art. He has done a few things and hopes to do a few more, God willing.

About Ping Chong and Company

Ping Chong and Company creates works of theater and art that reveal beauty, invention, precision, and a commitment to social justice. Founded by Ping Chong, the company is a welcoming home and site of experimentation for multigenerational artists. The company creates original interdisciplinary, community-specific work; and cultivates artistry through training and education programs.


this house is not a home is co-commissioned and co-presented by Abrons Arts Center and Ping Chong and Company, with funding from Abrons Arts Center’s Performance AIRspace Residency which is supported by the Jerome Foundation.

Additional support is provided by the MAP Fund, the Franklin Furnace Fund 2022-23, the friends and members of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts, and the Movement Research Artist-In-Residence Program with support of the Jerome Foundation. this house is not a home is made possible by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

this house is not a home was created in part at The Watermill Center– a laboratory for performance through the Baroness Nina Von Maltzen Fellowship for Performing Artists.