Mason Lee Dance Theater
The Introduction Season

May 18, 2024
6pm & 8pm

Mason Lee Dance Theater (MLDT) will be presenting all three programs of its 2023 -2024 Performance Season. This will include works by Mason Lee as well as guest choreographers Connie Shiau and Grace Tong.

This show lends itself as a formal introduction of MLDT to the world. Through the three programs, audiences will get to experience various works that contribute to the mission of the company, which is to push the boundaries of theater and dance, provide engaging work with audiences, and create impactful relationships with artists. Audiences can expect a diverse program ranging in styles, genres, and topics -- all in an effort to have a beautiful theater experience.


About Mason Lee Dance Theater

Mason Lee Dance Theater (MLDT) is a dance theater company that focuses on storytelling, artists’ experience, and audience engagement. We strive to create intriguing and layered stories, movement, and sound to further push the art forms of dance and theater.