Ballaro Dance
The Distance

October 21–22, 2023
7:30pm and 5pm

Choreographer Marisa f. Ballaro develops the latest evening-length work produced by Ballaro Dance, The Distance, while inspired by her own physical experiences of shadowboxing. The expressive output felt by performing the highly physical movements of the form is a daring place to be, especially - she realized - for a woman.

The piece is structured like a typical (male) boxing match with 12-three minute rounds followed by 60-second “breaks.” Unlike traditional theater performances, there will be no backstage area for the performers to hide; they will show it all in a raw, naked space - like athletes do. The movement is compact, punchy and, at times, luxurious. It captures the beauty and intensity of this dynamic sport. The piece invites the performers to push their bodies to the limit, to go The Distance.

Dance performance by Hannah Dillenbeck, Tessa Fungo, Jen Silver, Alexandra Love Strouse, and Marina Vianello. Piano and violin score recorded by Angela Kim and Clara Kim. Film by Zoran Prodanovic. Lighting by Xotchil Musser.

Image by Andres Ramos


About Ballaro Dance

Ballaro Dance builds community through the creation and presentation of modern dance while inviting its audience, often first-time dance viewers, to SEE, MOVE, & SHARE with the Company in an approachable, welcoming environment. Adhering to its mission, the Company takes pride in skillfully connecting with various communities inviting them to SEE dance in formal and informal settings, to MOVE while participating in the art, and to SHARE while gathering for conversation enabling deep connections to be formed. Founded in 2014, Ballaro Dance is proud to call New York City its home.

Ticketing Structure

The Jab ($30): General Admission ticket

The Hook ($20): Discounted General Admission ticket available for Students, Artists, Seniors, & Veterans

The Knockout ($50): General Admission ticket for those who may wish to contribute additional support to the Ballaro Dance community.