Reel Notes Live! with Maxo

18 November 2023

Reel Notes is a podcast dedicated to exploring the relationship between rap and film. For its second live episode, Reel Notes host Dylan “CineMasai” Green will be in conversation with California rapper Maxo, whose two albums Even God Has A Sense Of Humor and Debbie's Son were released earlier this year. Maxo will be in New York on a stop for his A Friend Of Mine tour the following night at Baby's All Right. 

Image by Julian Klincewicz


About Maxo

“I heard he don’t make no mistakes, I heard he don’t make none,” Maxo chants on “Nuri”, a highlight from his forthcoming album EGHASOH (Even God Has a Sense of Humor). The record, a tribute to the mercurial nature of life, finds the rapper born Maximillian Allen earnest, full-hearted, and lyrically agile. His delivery punches as he poetically unpacks the trials and blessings that have marked the last three years since Lil Big Man, his stirring and meditative Def Jam debut album. “Life is always gonna be life-ing,” Maxo says, speaking to the spiritual lessons that inspired this new project and an album process that has revealed to him the many ways in which he’s divinely protected.

Maxo’s writing process has always been rooted in imagery, observation, and capturing moments. Growing up in Southern California, Maxo spent a lot of time combing through old family photo albums, some of whose contents have become the artwork for prior releases. His artistry is intentional and deeply sensitive: “If I’m not feeling it, I’m not gonna record.” While his past records openly grappled with emotional turbulence, anger and depression, EGHASOH is Maxo’s acceptance stage: “Move with grace still regardless of hate that will come; Half living off my word ‘fore I trailed in dust, it really just is what it was,” he spits on “Nuri”. “I can't really judge nothing. I can't sit up and be mad at shit because everything is, everything is kind of coexisting,” he says.

About Dylan "CineMasai" Green

Dylan "CineMasai" Green is a New Jersey-based culture journalist specializing in rap and film, a contributing writer at Pitchfork, and the host of the Reel Notes podcast. Their writing has also appeared in publications like The Fader, MensHealth, Pigeons & Planes, DJBooth, Okayplayer, and Vinyl Me Please, among others.


Reel Notes Live! with Maxo is presented by Abrons Arts Center with support from EveryDejaVu and Loudmouth Records.