New Dance Alliance
Performance Mix Festival #38

June 6–9, 2024

The 38th Annual Performance Mix Festival brings together 35 experimental dance and film artists with deeply personal and expansive approaches to art-making. This season’s highlights include Mystic-Informatic, a collaboration between Audrée Juteau, Ellen Furey, N. Zoey Gauld, and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus produced by L’Annexe-A (Quebec). Two large metal structures, a computer from 1983, and small yellow 3D-printed sculptures: in a scenography evoking the ruins of capitalism and the waste produced by the constant renewal of technology, dance grows like an optimistic mushroom, the matsutake. Embodying a punk, apocalyptic and feminist approach, this piece gives power back to dance and expels our ecological despair, film selections in collaboration with Ciné-Corps (France), and resident artists from New Dance Alliance’s Black Artists Space to Create and LiftOff programs. New Dance Alliance (NDA) also brings back the Breakfast Mix, a convivial gathering and discussion with the international artists and presentation by /Koros (Quebec). Grab a VR Headset and experience the virtual work of and Andrea Peña.

Audrée Juteau, Zoey Gauld, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Ellen Furey produced by L'Annexe-A. Photo by Nicolas-Biaux.

Thursday, June 6th

  • Program A 7:00pm

Ciné-Corps film: Frederic Nauczyciel
Bob Eisen, Shua Group, j. bouey

  • Program B 8:30pm

Ciné-Corps film: Nina Laisné et François Chaignaud
ankita sharma, Flamenco Rosado, Isa Spector

Friday, June 7th

  • Program A 7:00pm

Ciné-Corps film: Smaïl Kanouté
Company [REDACTED], Shua Group, Thomas Choinacky

  • Program B 8:30pm

Ciné-Corps film: Clément Cogitore
Estrellx/EHQS, Karley Wasaff | Kinetics with Karley, Shannon Yu/ SHA Creative Outlet

Saturday, June 8th

  • 7:00pm, with reception following

Audrée Juteau, Zoey Gauld, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, Ellen Furey

Sunday, June 9th

  • Program A 12:00pm

Ciné-Corps film: Carole Arcega
Beatriz Castro Mauri, Chloë Engel, Johanna Meyer

  • Program B 1:30pm

Ciné-Corps film: Lo Fi Dance Theory
Aya Shabu*, Jordan Deal*, Mickey D & Friends*

  • Program C 3:00pm

Ciné-Corps film: Mohamad Moe Sabbah and Khansa
Tal Halevi**, Yolette Yellow-Duke**

  • Program D 4:30pm

Ciné-Corps film: Viktor Horváth
Arantxa Araujo in collaboration with Mariana Uribe, Lena Engelstein

*Black Artists Space To Create Resident Artists ** LiftOff Resident Artists

About New Dance Alliance

Incorporated in 1989, New Dance Alliance nurtures experimental movement-based artists, with an explicit commitment to equity and inclusion of historically marginalized Black, Brown, and queer innovators. We provide space, residencies and performance opportunities to help artists cultivate relationships, develop their work, and share their inventions with the world. Its main programs are: Performance Mix Festival, NDA Studio Programs (Black Artists Space to Create, LiftOff, Satellite), and projects created by interdisciplinary artist, Karen Bernard. Collectively, these programs support the work of more than 100 experimental artists, and bring in 2,500 audience members each year.