BABEL Movement
am i real?

April 19–20, 2024

Join us in experiencing Cypriot-Puerto Rican contemporary movement artist Sarah Panayiotou Leñador’s newest work, am i real?. A Latin woman grapples with reality as she navigates a week-long journey alone, within her apartment. The layered set (designed by Luke Polihrom) and costume design (by Anna Alisa Belous) become signifiers of self-questioning and the subsequent disembodiment that follows - leaning into insanity as a potential liberator from disillusionment. “Can there be pleasure in madness?”


About Sarah Panayiotou Leñador

Sarah Leñador is a Cypriot-Puerto Rican contemporary movement artist based in Upper Manhattan. She received a BFA in Dance and a minor in Arts for Social Change in 2016 from Marymount Manhattan College, where she was voted “Most Likely to Change the World.”

Sarah’s engagement with dance began at a young age when a speech impediment inhibited her ability to communicate verbally. She has since maintained a firm belief in dance’s ability to translate human truths across divisive issues and elevate the voices of marginalized peoples.

She launched her dance company BABEL just one year after graduating with a sold-out evening-length performance entitled What is Found in 2017. BABEL’s second evening-length work, United States, No Me Conoces, was performed in 2018 and was later selected to be performed at Judson Memorial Church. Her work has also been featured by Senator Jackson’s Anti-Gun Rally, Gibney’s Showdown, NYC Multicultural Festival, Access Theater, ShoutOut LA, ONDA, Dance Teacher Magazine, Manhattan Times, and more.

About BABEL Movement

BABEL is an NYC-based dance company that engages with timely social issues, utilizing movement as a unifying language to foster empathy and build bridges. Committed to providing equitable engagement with dance in addition to their regular performances, BABEL partners with social justice organizations to translate their mission into emotionally resonant dance films, hosts embodiment workshops for survivors of trauma, and offers free dance instruction to BIPOC teens in Upper Manhattan. BABEL has received financial support from the Howard Gilman Foundation, UMEZ, LMCC, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, ArtNOIR, NYFA, and others.

Tips If You're New to Watching Dance

  1. Dance isn't always a clear, linear story, so keep an open mind.
  2. While recognizing tonight's theme can provide context, let your imagination roam! Feel the emotions and create your own interpretations.
  3. Instead of overthinking every move, allow yourself to absorb the movement. Let your mind, emotions, and spirit respond naturally.
  4. There is no right or wrong way to watch it. Enjoy the experience, reflect on it, and plan to see your next show!