Parent Assembly #1 of the Society of American Magicians
114th Annual Salute to Magic

15 April 2023

Returning to Abrons Arts Center, we present the 114th Annual Salute to Magic, from Parent Assembly # 1 of the Society of American Magicians. This is the annual public show of America's oldest organization of magicians. Formed in 1902, the Society now has hundreds of chapters in cities throughout the world. And this annual event showcases many of the best known acts from all over the United States.

This year's show features Devlin, Stoil and Ekaterina, Chris Capehart, Amanda Nepo, Arthur Trace and other surprises. Extraordinary magician Mark Mitton has been chosen as our Magician of the Year, and will be recognized at the show for his achievements.


About the Society of American Magicians

Around the turn of the Twentieth Century, Dr. Seram Ellison and magic shop owner Francis Martinka, decided to form a Society of American Magicians. On May 10, 1902, the Society began. On April 15, 1909, the SAM produced its first public show at the Berkeley Theater on Fifth Avenue at 44th Street. It was entitled Magic Vaudeville and was the forerunner of our Salute to Magic show, the oldest continuing magic show in the U.S. On June 2, 1917, the same date as Houdini was elected as our President, in recognition of other affiliated magic societies, the S.A.M. renamed itself Parent Assembly #1 of the Society of American Magicians, and the other affiliates became Assemblies as well. Parent Assembly #1 is our name today, and this is our 114th annual show.

Special Thanks

S.A.M. Dean and Past President George Schindler, Past Presidents Herb Scher and Ed Martin, Doug Leferovich, Joe Cetti