Urban Youth Theater

Ages 11–19
2–4pm, Saturdays

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In partnership with Oye! Group’s Shake on the Block Program, this workshop will help young writers discover the magic, fun and craziness of the immortal bard, William Shakespeare, through playwriting, adaptation and performance. In each session students will break down William Shakespeare’s play Othello, which they will creatively adapt for a reading/performance by adding street slang and modern English. Students are introduced to the rudiments of the theater making process and guided to develop skills in acting, memorization, staging and performance while creating cool, dynamic new characters based on the text. The workshop culminates in a dynamic multimedia reading/performance that is free and open to the public.


Working under the direction of professional New York City-based theater artists, Urban Youth Theater (UYT) offers young aspiring actors, writers, and musicians the opportunity to dive into the world of theater.

Urban Youth Theater has been a core program of Abrons Education since the mid 90s. UYT goes beyond a program to get students on the stage with instruction from New York City-based theater artists as the program has created generations of ensembles that have led to careers in dance, music, and theater. Many UYT peers remain in touch to this day and some have brought back their experience to Abrons Arts Center’s education team decades later.

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