Draw Paint Build

Ages 6–8
11am–12pm, Saturdays

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    Sarah Gratz

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Draw Paint Build builds upon the creative techniques introduced in Origins: Visual Arts. Learners will build their technical proficiency in painting, drawings, collage, and sculpture. Class projects draw inspiration from contemporary visual artists and encourage self expression.

About Sarah Gratz

Sarah Gratz (she/they) is a Brooklyn-raised and -based artist and educator working in sculpture, drawing and animation to explore the whimsy and eeriness of mechanics, puppets, and hidden worlds. Sarah received a BA in Education and Art from Middlebury College, and was awarded the NESCULPTURE | Factory Gallery fellowship. Sarah currently fabricates large and small scaled molds and casts for a variety of artists and clients. Both in and out of the classroom, Sarah works with kids to teach them the basic hard and soft skills they need in order to feel confident, powerful, and excited about making.

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